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Editor in Chief of Ma’an fights back against Israeli accusations of incitement

By: Nasser al-Lahham

Since its establishment, Ma’an Network has sought to be a platform for disseminating news that holds governments accountable to international human rights laws and that defends the rights of Palestinian citizens. These goals have been achieved through exercising a freedom of expression that protects the basic rights of all marginalized groups within Palestinian society, to the point where Ma’an has become a voice of the voiceless.The network has worked with international organizations across the board, making significant achievements in the fields of children’s rights, democracy and good governance, disabled people’s rights, and women’s rights, among others.

Furthermore, Ma’an has covered the news professionally and independently, which has rendered it the most widespread, most visited, and most credible network in Palestine.In response to accusations from the Israeli lobby claiming that Ma’an Network disseminates inciting material and encourages violence — after the network published a report on the existence of a Hebrew song calling for the killing Israelis — we reiterate that the report was about how the song, whose source was unknown, went viral on social networks. Several Israeli official and unofficial news outlets reported about that song just as Ma’an did.

We hereby confirm that Ma’an’s report about that song was professional and adhered to the international standards and ethics of journalism.Ma’an officially denounces every aspect of incitement and violence, which are internationally condemned and forbidden.
Additionally, in no way does Ma’an endorse the content of the song, as it contradicts the network’s policies of neutrality and independence, which are part of its commitment to international standards of journalism.

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