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EUPOL COPPS Provides New Anti-Corruption Training Sessions

RAMALLAH, May 12, 2011 (WAFA) – As part of a larger anti-corruption and money laundering training program, EUPOL COPPS organized a further anti-corruption training session for 15 Palestinian public prosecutors and 11 judges, Thursday said an EUPOL COPPS press release.

The training was provided by Professor Naser Abdel Karim from Birzeit University during two-day workshops, and covered public and private finance standards relevant to the occupied Palestinian territory (e.g. laws and regulations for bank and private businesses, and money transfer regulations).

In addition, Abdel Karim provided training on bookkeeping standards and how to estimate the amount of illegal gain in criminal cases.

The goal of EUPOL COPPS’ anti-corruption and money laundering training program is to enhance the capacity of the judiciary and the prosecution to deal with these types of criminal cases, said the release.

The aim of the training was to provide the judges and prosecutors with a clearer understanding of the financial regulations applicable in the occupied Palestinian territory and to be able to read and understand the financial statements (bookkeeping records) of companies and (semi-)governmental bodies, it said.

Abdel Karim is one of the leading Palestinian scholars in the field of economics and has been involved in several projects related to transparency of the Palestinian financial market.

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