Friday , 5 June 2020
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Israel’s wildfires ‘all out’ following international firefighting efforts

Israel's wildfires 'all out' following international firefighting efforts [AFP]

Firefighters extinguished blazes ravaging Israel and parts of the occupied West Bank that forced tens of thousands to flee their homes and saw more than 20 people arrested, authorities said Sunday.

“There are no active sites left,” fire and rescue service spokesman Yoram Levy told AFP. “Since last night it’s pretty calm, we have no new activity.”

Israeli firefighters had been battling wildfires throughout the country which on Thursday hit major city Haifa, forcing thousands to evacuate their homes.

Firefighting planes from Israel and countries including Russia, Turkey, Greece, France, Spain and Canada dumped tonnes of water and retardants on fires.

Palestinians had joined the efforts, sending 41 firefighters and eight trucks.

The Israeli authorities suspect that some of the fires may have been the work of arson.

Police arrested 23 people suspected of lighting fires and interrogated another seven.

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