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Security cooperation with Israel is ‘continuous’, says Abbas

Palestinian Authority (PA) and Fatah President Mahmoud Abbas has stressed that security cooperation with Israel “is continuous,” ahead of what Israeli opposition Zahava Gal-On revealed on Sunday.

On her Facebook Gal-On wrote that Abbas called her and expressed his condolences on the death of her father and stressed that security cooperation between the PA and Israel “is continuous”.

She said that Abbas discussed the consequences of the stalemate in negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians.

The Israeli official reported Abbas saying: “The US will not play any role as a mediator between us after announcing the outcome of the talks before starting them. We need another European mediator along with the International Quartet and the Arab countries.”

Gal-On also said that she supported the remarks of the retired Israeli General Amos Gilad as he said: “Israel has to be fearful about the post-Abbas era because Abu Mazen [Abbas] prevents Fatah from raising its head or using a violent approach with Israel. Security cooperation undermines resistance.”

She concluded: “Netanyahu’s government must be changed. Then, we will reach a solution. With a backward look, we will recognise how we wasted all these priceless years.”

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