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General Intelligence’s Gender Unit: Women’s participation is important in Palestine

The head of the gender unit at the General Intelligence, Colonel Hala Blidi, talked about the important participation of women officers in the General Intelligence. Colonel Hala also showed the major steps to integrate gender equality into the government policies and security sector reform that have been taken by the …

DCAF Ramallah: Promoting gender equality in the Palestinian security forces and their conversion to the CEDAW Convention: Integrating gender in security sector reform: Closing conference

Closing the gender project conference DCAF, in close cooperation with the Gender Consultative Committee (GCC) and the Ministry of Interior, conducted a closing conference at the Ankars Suites and Hotel in Ramallah. Representatives from the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Women’s Affairs, the Council of Ministers, the GCC, aecid, …

Third Annual Report of Complaints at Government Institutions: 2015

Foreword of the Secretary General of the Council of Ministers   The Directorate General of Complaints at the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers was established based on the government’s determination to promote transparency and accountability in the Palestinian society. It also works towards encouraging citizens to play an …

250th anniversary of first Swedish Press law granting Access to information

PNN/ Ramallah/ The Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms (MADA)in collaboration with The Consulate General of Sweden in Jerusalem and Representative Office of Finland in Ramallah, Organized an event commemorating 250 years of the enactment of the first press law that granted access to information in “Kingdom of Sweden”. The …

Mapping the Palestinian Complaints-Handling System

Complaints-handling mechanisms help citizens report mistreatment and abuses of power. They also allow government institutions to receive feedback on their work and actions. They thus act as a rare point of contact and feedback between citizens and their government or security forces. By receiving, addressing and investigating individual complaints, this system helps to prevent human rights abuses, eliminate malpractice and contribute to overall good governance.

Author(s): Abdelhadi Al-Barghouthi, Nora-Elise Beck, Fatima Itawi, Ali Karakra, Regula Kaufmann, Arnold Luethold, Nicolas Masson, Jane Rice, Kamel Rimawi, Majed Saleh, Felix Tusa, Zoltan Venczel