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Conflicts, Pandemics and Peacebuilding: New Perspectives on Security Sector Reform in the MENA Region

The Covid-19 pandemic is not only a health challenge. In the MENA region, against the backdrop of protracted conflicts, instability, and an overall deterioration in socio-economic conditions, the coronavirus crisis adds another layer of vulnerability and has already had long-lasting repercussions on human security across the region.

Needs Assessment Report of five Palestinian Civil Society Organizations: Informal Oversight Capacities in the Palestinian Security Sector

Public involvement in democratic oversight is crucial to ensure accountability and transparency across the security sector. The engagement of civil society organisations (CSOs) in the security policy domain strongly contributes to accountability and good governance. Civil society involvement can be accomplished by (i) monitoring government performance and policy, and (ii) …

Mapping the Palestinian Complaints-Handling System

Complaints-handling mechanisms help citizens report mistreatment and abuses of power. They also allow government institutions to receive feedback on their work and actions. They thus act as a rare point of contact and feedback between citizens and their government or security forces. By receiving, addressing and investigating individual complaints, this system helps to prevent human rights abuses, eliminate malpractice and contribute to overall good governance.

Author(s): Abdelhadi Al-Barghouthi, Nora-Elise Beck, Fatima Itawi, Ali Karakra, Regula Kaufmann, Arnold Luethold, Nicolas Masson, Jane Rice, Kamel Rimawi, Majed Saleh, Felix Tusa, Zoltan Venczel